How To Protect Yourself When Traveling

1 While waiting for a bus or streetcar, stand near others
who are also waiting.
2. If the immediate area is deserted or in darkness, stand
near an occupied building or in a lighted area until
transportation arrives.
3. Once on a bus or streetcar, be aware of those around
you. If someone looks or acts suspicious, notify the driver.
4. If the coach is empty or nearly empty, sit as far up
front and as close to the driver as possible.
5. If someone begins to bother you, get up and notify the
driver immediately.
6. Upon arriving at your stop, be aware of those who alight
with you. If you feel you are being followed, go to the
nearest occupied building and ask for assistance.
7. After dark, attempt to get off the bus in well-lighted
areas. Use only well-lighted streets to reach your final

1. Make certain your car is always in good working order,
with safe tires and an adequate amount of gasoline for your
planned trip.
2. Always check your car before getting in - to make sure
that no one is hiding inside.
3. If you have a garage, be sure you lock the door as you
leave. To learn about the most suitable garage door
protection, read "How To Protect Cars, Bicycles, Motorcycles" -
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4. It is best to park in attended lots. If you must leave
a key with the attendant, leave only the ignition key. In
all other cases, lock your car.
5. Do not leave packages or personal items in open view
in the car . . place them in the trunk.
6. At night, park only in lighted areas.
7. If you are in danger of being harmed or robbed, while
in your car, start sounding your horn until assistance arrives.
8. Never pick up a hitchhiker.
9. If you have a flat tire in an area you feel might not
be safe, try to keep driving until you reach a safe location.
10. If you feel you are being followed, drive to the nearest
police or fire station, or open filling station.
1. Observe elevator interior before entering. Wait until
the next elevator if you are uncertain of any occupant.
2. Females riding the elevator alone should always stand
near the control panel. If accosted, press ALL buttons.
3. If a suspicious person enters the elevator, exit before
the door closes.
4. Before exiting from the elevator, observe the corridor
for suspicious activity.